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Looking out to sea and dominated by Mount San Calogero on its eastern side, Sciacca is the oldest thermal resort of Sicily and one of the biggest towns on the southwestern coast. The renowned Natural Steam Vents of San Calogero are 7 km away from the town. The area was inhabited up to the Copper Age, when an earthquake (2000 BC) caused the emission of sulphuric vapour, thus rendering it uninhabitable. Various items such as huge Copper Age jars have been discovered there, evidence of previous inhabitants.

holiday home casale galati Legend has it that Daedalus made the baths; other sources claim that St Paul sent San Calogero to Sicily to put an end to a plague, and whilst there he found the caves in the mountain that bears his name and realized that the nearby natural saunas could treat several diseases, and provided the area with stone benches for the sick hoping to be cured.

The Park Heated Thermal Pool are filled with sulphuric water. One part of the pool is covered and remains open all year long while the outdoor part is open in summer only. Look here

The Steam Vents

Today the caves are part of the modern establishment of the Grande Albergo delle Stufe. They geysers originate from an underground hot water spring flowing beneath Monte Kronio. The steam comes to the surface along the fissures of the rock, and reach 40 degrees C. holiday home casale galati

Many illnesses can be treated with the vapours, such as rheumatism, skin diseases, gynaecological problems and allergies. On the premises mud therapy is practised (for arthritis), steam bath therapy (for osteoarthritis and skin diseases) and respiratory therapies. The spa treatments at the thermal park are tailor-made to relieve all tensions and allow a complete rejuvenation at the end of your stay.

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